Training our team

Employment with Huntly


The role of the Concierge, Security and Building Management Staff is understood to include fostering a positive image amongst tenants, visitors and guests of our client. Huntly understands the need for positive presentation at all times to stakeholders, potential stakeholders and in representing the building generally. The Concierge, Security and Building Management Services is an important part of this market strategy and positioning. 

The uniform and grooming of Huntly staff plays an important part in our Services, as this is the first impression to most tenants, visitors and guests. 

Whilst on duty our staff must:

 ·     Wear the company uniform

·      Ensure shoes are polished

·      Ensure Jacket & or Vest is worn at all times

·      Ensure hair and personal grooming is immaculate

·      Greet each customer with a smile and welcome

·      Deal with enquiries promptly and notify the shift supervisor of any problems 

Huntly does however appreciate that in some circumstances, clients would prefer that our staff be attired in the clients existing corporate uniform. We are always happy to consider these requests.

Training our team 

“Business executives understand that people and their positive attitudes significantly affect bottom line performance.” 

Excellence in performance of duty is an expectation of Huntly personnel and to that end staff selection, training, and motivation are an ongoing factor in the provision of all our staff. Along with stringent selection policies and appointment guidelines Huntly provide initial training for new employees, training for new sites, and formal in-house training by external consultants for new and existing staff. All Huntly staff from management down attend an externally run - Huntly specific – training program. 

The program conducted by professional trainers is aimed to support Huntly's team expectations of customer service, personal presentation, conflict resolution and other interpersonal skills. We provide and bind our staff to a comprehensive Operations and Procedures Manual which emphasizes the levels of service expected.

Our staff are regularly assessed on the following criteria including:

·      Reliability

·      Appearance

·      Responsiveness

·      Assurance

·      Empathy

 Employment with Huntly

Huntly realises that our success is dependent upon the quality of our people. Huntly is about people- our finest product is the knowledge, attitude and experience of our employees. We commit significant resources to recruit, train and develop outstanding people, offering them the opportunity to further advance their skills and in turn their career with Huntly.

As our business continues to expand as does our need for experienced staff who possess a significantly high level of customer-service to meet our needs for-

  • Building Managers

  • Concierge Staff

  • Loading Dock Attendants/Dock Masters

  • Parking Attendants

  • Lift drivers

  • Cleaners

  • Security Officers

If you believe you have the necessary attributes and are interested in launching a new career with Huntly please send us your resume or contact us for a confidential discussion.

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