“We have a range of facility management services that we tailor design to meet our clients needs”

Concierge Management Services

First impressions are important and in today’s competitive environment it is tantamount to success to project the best possible image to clients, associates and visitors. The lobby of your property is often the first interface these people have with your company, your culture, your image - as well as that of the property’s occupants – your tenants. For this reason it is of critical importance that this area maintains the highest standard of presentation, professionalism, efficiency and services.

Property Owners and Managers, conscious of the importance of image in creating additional property value are aware of the significance of the Concierge. Huntly understand the necessity of having a well presented and trained professional with superior client communication and relationship skills, able to fulfill all duties with integrity and efficiency. All Huntly staff are carefully chosen having met all company selection criteria and undergo specific training in order to hone and reiterate these skills – as well as develop new skills.

We believe Concierge Management Service is one of the most important roles to be performed in a building. Not only is the Concierge expected to undertake the role of congenial building host, information provider, message deliverer, security manager and generally the person to assist building users and “to be there at the front counter”, but is expected to do so with professionalism, efficiency, diplomacy, discretion and humility. Huntly will provide you with the concierge service excellence and professionalism you expect through the use of experienced hospitality and, if required, security trained staff.

Concierge Management is one of the offerings provided by Huntly Facilities Management Services to the owners, tenants and their visitors and guests, of some of the most prestigious residential and commercial buildings in Sydney and Melbourne.

Value Added Services 

In today’s competitive marketplace, Huntly recognize that the provision of Value Added Services being made available to occupants and owners can have significant competitive advantages. Huntly can tailor a Value Added Service scheme specifically for your individual building needs.

Huntly Security Management Services

Huntly Security holds a registered New South Wales Master Licence (404 138 760) to conduct Security Services. These Auxiliary Services are often provided in conjunction with and in support of other services offered by Huntly Facilities Management Services.

We design and supply Security Services solutions to suit the needs of building owners, managers and occupants who are looking for a security service that is subtle but professional. These services can be provided individually or in conjunction with our Concierge Management Services and/or Building Management Services.

Rather than the stereotypical “security guards” representing your building, Huntly Security provides well-spoken customer focussed professionals, who are additionally security trained, who will become the “face” of your asset. Our officers are carefully selected for their manner, appearance and communication skills, with regular training focusing on diplomacy and professionalism.

Where discretion, superior presentation, diplomacy, good communication and people handling skills are a reflection of the prestigious location in which they are placed and where interaction with building visitors, occupants and their guests is significant. An understated but confident presence that will ensure your image is maintained and your building secure.

It is this strong customer service emphasis that sets Huntly Security Services apart from other security providers.

Building Management Services

Huntly design and supply Building Management Service solutions that address your specific business needs. We do so, in conjunction with yourself, to provide a process and mechanism to ease the burden of responsibility for your peripheral staffing requirements, and to enable your team, to focus upon core business strategies. 

Our Building Management team are skilled in the necessary technical requirements of the role, but also have attributes enabling them to successfully interface with your existing building services team, your key staff, building occupants and visitors to the building. 

Fundamental to the Huntly philosophy is our understanding of your needs, your culture, the way you wish to be perceived in the market place – and for us to place with you our personnel selected, not only for their technical competence, but also for their ability to “fit” with your organizational need. 

We can meet both short and long term need. Many of our Building Management solutions are to meet short term and temporary requirements – often repeated, where, given notice we can place the same person in your organization as used in the past. This is not only advantageous in achieving the right “fit” of person – but also is exceedingly efficient as start-up and familiarisation time, is substantially reduced.

Replacement staff

Being undermanned or short-staffed over a period of time can create an unfavourable impression with tenants, building occupants and visitors, consequently creating a poor impression of building ownership and management.

Huntly recognise the importance of a ready availability for short notice replacement staff from concierge and security to building management positions and can provide staff to cover annual leave, short term leave, sickness, special events or other contingencies.

Flexibility is part of Huntly’s Corporate philosophy and we understand that your needs may range from lunchtime replacements of Four hours duration, to RDO’s, annual, sick and long service leave replacements.

Whatever your situation Huntly can supply replacement staff for a wide range of areas that includes:

·      Building Managers

·      Concierge Staff

·      Security Officers

·      Loading Dock Attendants/Dock Masters

·      Parking Attendants

·      Lift drivers

·      Cleaners

Our Replacement Staff Team are well trained, well presented and reliable. Huntly are able to provide experienced, professional replacements, at short notice, 24-hours a day.

For a personalised quote for your Replacement Staffing needs please contact us.


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